An animation portraying a young male’s journey towards running a half marathon. The monotonous routine of his daily life encourages him to sign up to the race in order to get fit. During training his imaginations becomes some what jurassic along with temptations from the pub.

With sound design by Steven Dove.


Xabi’s Lost World

Xabi’s Lost World encapsulates the personal nostalgia of two very different worlds by combining my longstanding love of dinosaurs with my passion for football and muse Xabi Alonso. With sound design and music composition by Steven Dove, Xabi’s Lost World is an animation that encompasses struggles on the pitch, loneliness and – how in turn – our imagination and heroes can help us to overcome our fears.

4m, 42s

Escape from Syria – Fazia’s Story

Escape from Syria – Fazia’s Story is an animation made with director Jack Newman.

After visiting Jordan, Jack interviewed Fazia – a Syrian refugee who fled across the border from Syria with her two children. He asked Fazia’s young children to draw pictures of their journey.

This animation takes inspiration from the children's drawings and uses the voiceover of their mother Faiza to tell their story. It hopefully also highlights the shocking numbers of displaced children along with the large numbers of Syrian people who simply just ‘disappear’ under the Assad Regime.

With sound design by Steven Dove.

5m, 02s

Olympic Swimming

An animation from the Swimming Pool series.

3m, 23s

Meat Sweats

Stop motion animation combining observational drawings of a kebab shop in Bermondsey, London with my passion for long-distance running.

3m, 14s

Fisherman’s Life

Stop motion created entirely from white chalk on blackboard, encapsulating the life of trawlermen going out to sea from the fishing docks of Grimsby.

2m, 33s

Columbia Road

Stop motion animation comprised from oil-paint, based on drawings of the Columbia Road Flower market, London.